Keywords: Modern utopia, relational aesthetics, eco-design, modular design, information economy, postmodernity, green design, communication theory, globalization, and the topic social design and art

It put further focus on how and that our relationship to everyday style objects and living environment, is changing. 

…. Frank Stellas coat remind us about Sovjet Constructionism. Ina Blom writes that the relation between Conceptualism and Constructivism, is in the background of and cannot be separated from Neo-Conceptualism, and post-conceptualism, such as the style site works of Gardar Eide Einarson and other contemporary artist whom in their practices address and questions modern and post-modern art and practices, and more. 

… Italian Memphis group uses design in their social approach to design language and as comment to post-industrial society. They are famous for their use of stripes and retro design style.

Images: Coat Frank Stella. The Metropolitian Museum of Art. Ca. 1965 | Gardar poses with i-D Fashion Director Charlotte Stockdale | Form- and designlab. Stool three – Stripes. 2017/20. MEB.

“LB / DF – LOW BUDGET / Discursive Furniture” is an independent publication or “artist’s book” about the workshop “LOW BUDGET / Discursive Furniture”, – a furniture workshop that was produced on behalf of OCA Norway (Office for Contemporary Art), appropriating a postmodern free design / lifestyle-concept in 2003 – ’04. The design of the furniture, adopted from a post-’68 idea-book published by the Danish publisher and lifestyle magazine Bo-Bedre, follows the design and color, instructions and documentation of the furniture as they were originally reproduced in the original publication from Bo Bedre. The furniture is owned, and is still in use, (as far as I know) by OCA Norway at their exhibition and project room at Grünerløkka in Oslo.

LB / DF – LOW BUDGET / Discursive Furniture | 2021 © Maria Eide Bustnes | Other publications

Postmodern aesthetics and DIY
-The workshop’s conceptualization and the furniture’s examination of postmodern aesthetics and of DIY culture are aesthetically and culturally an example of a relational aesthetics. The furniture relates to a social turn in social art and design at the turn of the century and refers to an artistic response to a historical avant-garde that addresses themes such as globalization; including “a flow of information” and “a notion of fragmentation”. According to Peter Osborn, its «tendency to identify a break with the dialectic of historical and neo-avant-gardes at precisely the point at which it reimposed itself most intensely, moving to a new stage of development». This implies “An art of institutional critique”, or “the function of functionlessness itself”.

Form and design lab
The workshop LB / DF is developing more research on social art and design and
the postmodern free-design concept from the furniture production and workshop at ISP OCA in 2003-’04 is re-conceptualized in the continuation of the project in a new 2017 redesign.

LB / DF – LOW BUDGET / Discursive Furniture
CEWE Photobook Square Hardcover
Production year: 2021
Size: 20.5 x 20.5 cm
Number of pages: 106

Recycling of materials and also the bauhaus style gives a “late” design, where form and design reflect on historical and artistic, well-known and already approved, or tried out ideas. Within the late modern design world and its framework of retro-capitalism, are ideas that were once proven wrong welcome… Although many may say that the Bauhaus style is a thing of the past, is the Bauhaus-inspired “late” design a continuous study of recycling and modularity.

Side-table. Recycled materials, and bauhaus-inspired design. website and web magazine communicate sale of the poster Free design. The web mag is in addition to the sale of the poster introducing the related notions social design, graphic design, and offset. 

The poster is sold as offset, digital file, and as multimedia CD-r.

PosterDesign website and mag is now out!

You can on the site download a productionsheet with specifications.

The site and the poster present and document an independent and non-commercial initiative.

The Free design – poster is a part of an independent artistic and disciplinary research on social art and design, and the topic “free design”. Its research and production grew out of a workshop and collaboration with the independent curator Christiane Erharter and the international studio program OCA ISP in 2003-’04.