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The site and its web mag communicate sale of the poster design as offset and multimedia CD-r and is offering you a reading on the notions social design, graphic design, and offset.

The offset poster, and the multimedia CD-r with digital files can be ordered at

Related to modern utopia, relational aesthetics, eco-design, modular design, information economy, postmodernity, green design, communication theory, globalization, and the topic social design and art, is the poster design adopting its free design from a 70’s popular culture and the conceptualization of a postmodern lifestyle concept.

What is recycling today…

Post-conceptual art is a new term within the social arts.

Exhibition at the Astrup Fearnley Museum.

Anti-art made by the artist Alighiero Boetti targets post-conceptual art today.

Zig Zag camping-sculpture made by the artist Alighiero Boetti.

I am working on Liam Gillick’s idea about social art, and its ‘sociality’. It refers to American and European modern design and architecture.
Individualism not measurement. – Donald Judd.