MEB is a studio and workshop located in Strandveien 23 D on Lademoen, not far from the city centre.

I am this season working on remaking 70’s burda-moden models and designs, and more…

MEB is a studio and workshop, but also a space where I can work on studio photography and document what I am making in the clothing workshop.

I hope later on also to be able to extend further on my earlier research on social art and design, and to work on and present various collaborations, exhibitions, gallery and showroom.

Recycling of materials and also the bauhaus style gives a “late” design, where form and design reflect on historical and artistic, well-known and already approved, or tried out ideas. Within the late modern design world and its framework of retro-capitalism, are ideas that were once proven wrong welcome… Although many may say that the Bauhaus style is a thing of the past, is the Bauhaus-inspired “late” design a continuous study of recycling and modularity.

Side-table. Recycled materials, and bauhaus-inspired design.

The poster design series Free design – poster can now be ordered at

The site and its web mag communicate sale of the poster design as offset and multimedia CD-r and is offering you a reading on the notions social design, graphic design, and offset.

The offset poster, and the multimedia CD-r with digital files can be ordered at

Related to modern utopia, relational aesthetics, eco-design, modular design, information economy, postmodernity, green design, communication theory, globalization, and the topic social design and art, is the poster design adopting its free design from a 70’s popular culture and the conceptualization of a postmodern lifestyle concept.