Nordic Air, Vilnius

Reisen til det da nylig EU-inkluderte Baltic states var motivert av EUs inkludering av de baltiske landene. Nordic Air muliggjorde research i området, som blant annet innebar samarbeid med med CAC-TV, Contemporary Art Center i Vilnius, oktober 2004. Nordic Air ble organisert av Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art (NIFCA), via Nordisk Kulturfond. (Nordisk Kulturfond. Følgende tekst er hentet fra beskrivelsen av research og motivasjon for tiltaket (Engelsk tekst).

Motivation for proposed residency.

Russia and the Baltic’s are, as geographical areas dealing with a communist background and in strong contrast to the US with its’ expanding liberal, economical politics, now dealing with a situation and a history dominated by a failed attempt to put an ideology of progress into practice. St. Petersburg and Vilnius are both cities of interest for the investigating practice I would like to develop, very much because of their situation and modern history.

I would like to go to St. Petersburg to start collecting materials and information for a video project keeping in mind the above critique of modernity.


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