Urban language

“Love is a racket”

“A racket”, can be translated from English to Norwegian as “a tennis rekket”. It means not only sport equipment, but can also be understood as illegal activity carried through because of economic gain, such as deception, scam, hustling, sale of illegal drugs, etc. Racket is also British slang for cocaine. “Oi mate where’s the racket?” Racket can also be understood as «a jobb». «Cut that racket out. I’m trying to sleep». (http://www.urbandictionary.com).


Pulp is a part of American counterculture. It was in the 40s an important part of low  entertainment and popular culture. The genre crime and film-noir (black film), is typical for pulp, and is mixed with comedy and romantic drama within postmodern pulp and the postmodern break with the idea of genre movies. The idea behind its form is that life as better described in its extreme, finds in this a cultural movement; – an expression in that what normally is not present in the culture, is being put forward and is represented through cultural appropriations and cult analysis and personal interpretations. The value in the approach is democratization of content, and interest for criminality as both can be a result of fascination, or psychology.

Theatre sport and dramatization of the text in the recording studio implies retelling of a text that is taken from a post-pulp fiction. The expression “Love is a racket” produced a starting point for the recordings, and the project, bringing forward American popular culture as a form of literature produced for the working class. Los Angeles is a big city that have inspired pulp and post pulp culture. It is a city that varies with geographic and demographic situations and secrets. Pulp and post pulp can be seen as an idealization of working class culture and environments, that are in different variations, typical for post modern entertainment. As anti-helt, person and human being, is the individual floating around in his own midlife drama.

Video is every day technology. Television, as tool in closed feedback systems, are sold by members of the modern avant guards as live style. “Video feedback – Is a religious – It is a way to ride”.