Design: Luca Frei

The folder above and its text are co-produced by the Academy of Fine Arts in Malmö and the Rooseum Art Centre.

Following text is from the interdisciplinary Critical Studies postgrad folder 2004-05. The text is translated from Swedish to English.

Interdisciplinary Post-Graduate at KHM and Rooseum in Malmö

Critical Studies

An international postgraduate that wants to break down the boundaries between art theory and practice. With the education, a small group of post-graduate students from different backgrounds gather: – Artists, writers, critics, and curators. The program attempts to encourage applied thinking within the art field, and explores how we can both discuss and produce art. It is organized around intensive seminars led by visiting professors in combination with periods of individual and group-based project development. The intention of the program is to initiate experimental practices, especially in art and exhibition production, writing and theory and the relationship between political economy, public space and visual culture. The organizers are looking for the opportunity to involve participants in the development of the program and its content, and expect creative feedback on how the program develops.

The education is suitable for participants who are interested in challenging their own study environment in combination with structured activities. Critical Studies is a program organized in collaboration between the Malmö Academy of Arts and the Rooseum Center for Contemporary Art. The principle of this collaboration is that the art academy and an art center offer different with sympathetic relationships where the wide range of art themes, its context, production and teaching methods can be explored. Malmö Academy of Fine Arts offers program participants a common workroom with personal computers. All aspects of the art academy such as libraries and workshops can be used by the participants and each student has his own personal supervisor who is assigned to the individual student in co-operation with the student and most likely will be based in the area between Berlin and Stockholm so that Meetings can be organized. Rooseum offers a room, a “Test site”, for use by students during the course of study.