Famous stripes are

…. Frank Stellas coat remind us about Sovjet Constructionism. Ina Blom writes that the relation between Conceptualism and Constructivism, is in the background of and cannot be separated from Neo-Conceptualism, and post-conceptualism, such as the style site works of Gardar Eide Einarson and other contemporary artist whom in their practices address and questions modern and post-modern art and practices, and more. 

… Italian Memphis group uses design in their social approach to design language and as comment to post-industrial society. They are famous for their use of stripes and retro design style.

Images: Coat Frank Stella. The Metropolitian Museum of Art. Ca. 1965 | Gardar poses with i-D Fashion Director Charlotte Stockdale | Form- and designlab. Stool three – Stripes. 2017/20. MEB.